Rebecca Zhou

A life in nyc, mostly via instagram pictures
new shades selfie 😎 // shades 🎁 from @davidmcg
✨ walk the walk ✨
✨ Nike x RT ✨ (at Nike X R.T.)
💕 staying in the ☀️ for as long as we can before a return to 🗽  tonight 🌴 (at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach)
strategic sunbathing 💥☀️🎯 (at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach)
someone’s in paradise 👆 (at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach)
🌴🌴 miami skyline 🌴🌴 (at News Cafe)
spontaneous vacation purchase. miami may or may not be rubbing off on me 🙊🌴☀️ (at Collins Avenue Shopping District)
at Casa Victoria Orchid Hotel
Welcome to Miami 🐙 (at 12th St. Beach)
new new reebok classics for warm weather ☁️☀️☁️
A card from a designer.
TGIF @lolanewyork kids with @gordonsexton (at Sweet and Vicious)
dots, three stripes and a foxy pup. (at Gin Lane Media)
cheerleader and photographer for these 4 @ginlane beer pong players 📷✨